May 09, 2003

Our associate pastor and I met together yesterday to consider how our church has derailed and how to get it back on track. Two related problems soon came to light:

.....There is nothing going on in our church today that the church family is excited about. People are talking about the war, intramural softball, or the pastor's new baby, but there's nothing going on in the church that has them talking.

.....The expectations of many of the people in our church family, particularly those of the cultural group that represents the majority, are incredibly high. Our Associate Pastor said, "It has to be something 'big' to get them out."

So, the solution is obvious, right? "Lower their expectations and get them excited about it."

Heh...if only it were that easy. But I do know one thing. The problem lies with both them and me...

...which means that I'm the one who has to do something about it, or at least initiate the something. =\ I think I need to pray.


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