June 12, 2003

A landmark day for those of us here at NeoTheologue (That would be me using the "editorial we" of journalistic fame). Due to my inflamatory posts at other blogs and a little shameless plugging at my favorite BBS, a few people are actually reading this! Woo hoo!

(Of course, my mom is reading as well...hi Mom!...but moms have to do that sort of thing, aren't they? Isn't there a contractural obligation of some nature inherant to mom-hood that moms must watch everything their kids ask them to and then comment on its wonderfulness? By the way, don't use my real name, Mom! The Internet is all about anonymity, or at least the comforting illusion thereof...hi, Secretary Ridge!)

Therefore, in honor of these readers (and my mom), we've (there I go again) decided to actually post something for them to read. =) Seriously, I've been so busy lately (I haven't even written my mom) but I've upgraded the priority of my blog to "little red exclamation point," so stay logged on for something interesting (at least to me) soon!


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