August 15, 2003

and the grammy for most creative use of the word "enzymes" in a song goes to...

Heh heh heh...gotta love the Newsboys for their extremely creative lyrics. Check out the tune they did for the Veggietales movie Jonah here: In the Belly of the Whale. Quote:

I'm avoiding cliches
Like "whale of a tale" say
Or "you can't keep
A good man down,"
'Cause you can
And I've been there, man.
But I've been expectorated.
I'm elated!
I'm free like Willie!

=) =) =)

(Also in CCM...what is it with Peter Gabriel songs turning up as cover tunes on CCM albums? First it was "Don't Give Up" on the Streams compilation, covered by Máire Brennan, and now "In Your Eyes" on Nichole Nordeman's new album Woven and Spun. What's next, Sandy Patti covering "Sledgehammer?")


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