August 04, 2003

Curious why I've been doing more traditional blogging (as in "web logging") lately and less journaling? To be honest, I hadn't even noticed until today. I'm not sure why...maybe I just don't have a lot of unanswered questions rolling around like loose cannons on my neural deck these days. These last two weeks or so have found me far deeper into my work than I'll confess I usually get. I've been preparing for a new series of sermons on Isaiah 40, putting things together for our upcoming Vacation Bible School, setting up my new printer-scanner-copier, and reading a lot:

The Tipping Point
God in the Dock
Ten Strategies for Preaching in a Multimedia Culture
Waging Modern War

(Heh...I wonder what a good phychoanalyst would have to say about what my reading list has to say about me? Feel free to comment if you have any ideas of your own... =)


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