August 13, 2003

the irony of "the passion"

Writing for, Jonah Goldberg finds all the controversy surrounding The Passion ironic. Read the article here: : Gibson film ignites passion, irony

Notable quote: But even if "the Jews" of two millennia ago deserve a share of the blame, so what? If you think it's ludicrous for Americans today to pay reparations for slavery or to hold a German teenager personally responsible for the Holocaust, how much more absurd is it to hold Jews responsible for the actions of a few Jews 20 centuries ago?

Implication: The average 21st century American is too enlightened jump to the kinds of conclusions that so many others have jumped to across the millennia. (I agree, Jonah.)

Question: What conclusions will those average 21st century Americans who see The Passion reach? I hope two among all others, phrased here in the words of an Englishman and a Français:

"Forbear to judge, for we are sinners all"

"La critique est aisé et l'art est difficile" (Babel Fish Translation)


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