August 07, 2003

Mary Magdalene is enjoying something of a revival these days, described in the following article from Mary Magdalene: Saint or Sinner? -- Aug. 11, 2003

Not to be too cynical about religion stories in the popular media, but the way this article blissfully discredits one speculation (that Mary was a prostitute) on one page, then just as blissfully proffers half a dozen others as legitimate possibilities on the second makes me gnash my teeth a little. Once you get beyond the pages of Scripture, one speculation is as good as another, I think -- and as useful. Perhaps the fact that today we prefer the downright raunchy speculation that Mary was Jesus' illicit lover to yesterday's speculation that she was merely, as one scholar interviewed for the article suggested, "the Jessica Rabbit of the gospels," shows just how far we've sunk in the Third Millennium.

(By the way, I'd like to point out that I was the first one to note the wonderful juxtaposition of Monica Bellucci as Persephone in Matrix Reloaded and Mary Magdalene in The Passion, and the author of the Time article doesn't even credit me! Bloggers get absolutely no respect... =< )


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