August 07, 2003

Several were curious about what I meant yesterday when I said, "As a pastor/teacher, I think perhaps I have a different idea of what 'speaking the very words of God' means." First, let me ask your forgiveness if that came off as arrogant or prideful. I didn't intend it that way!

The Scripture I quoted immediately afterward was meant to add meaning to my somewhat cryptic statement. (And you were right, I meant James 3:1, not 1:3! =/ ) When I sit down each week to prepare my Sunday sermon, I am very conscious that I wear the "prophet's mantle", in other words, that I am speaking for God. I understand from James 3:1 that I will be subject to a stricter judgment because of my submission to this calling upon my life. As a result, I choose my words very carefully. I also choose my topics for preaching very carefully, always considering first, "What does the Lord want to say to His people through me this week?"

My point was that I don't put that kind of prayer or even thought into my blogging...and I'm not sure I want to. I've seen my blogging as kind of an extension of my journaling activity, and in my journals I write a stream of consciousness (or perhaps a "stream of spirituality").

Of course, there is an important distinction to be drawn between journaling and blogging. There is no real "audience" for a journal, and therefore it's not really "communication," whereas a blog is inherantly public. Given that distinction, does my blog take on more of a "communicating" character (with the associated Biblical responsibilities) than a "journaling" one?

I don't know, but I hope not. =/


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