August 15, 2003

when so few touched so many

This thought came to me today reading an email from a cutting-edge missions organization that I've worked with in the past, Church Starts International. (Sorry, no's their methodology that's cutting edge, not their technology.)

What was it that made Pentacost so special? (In case I've left you in the Biblical dust, the story is in chapter 2 of the New Testament book of Acts. Bottom line: a dozen people start a "word of mouth epidemic" resulting in 5,000 people renouncing their religious traditions and turning to God for salvation in Jesus Christ.) What did that small group of people have that enabled them to accomplish what they did? For starters...

...the Holy Spirit. ("Like a wildfire, the Holy Spirit spread through their ranks, and they started speaking in a number of different languages as the Spirit prompted them" Acts 2:3-4.)

...a simple message. ("Jesus was the son of killed him...repent!" See 22-23, 38.)

...fearlessness. (Peter is the ultimate confrontational evangelist here...)

On a day when most of my attention is focused on the message I'll be trying to communicate on Sunday, it's the second one that's got me thinking. Particularly in light of the post below about information pollution...


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