September 19, 2003

"E.T. and God"

I received today the copy of this month's Atlantic Monthly from my family in the U.S. I've been eager to get my hands on Paul Davies' article, "E.T. and God: Could earthly religions survive the discovery of life elsewhere in the universe?" Interestingly enough, the article wasn't available on-line when I asked my mom to pick me up a copy, but it is now; what cost me $5 plus $9 shipping can be yours free here, gosh darnit! Of course, you won't get the excellent artwork by Marc Burckhardt, but I think I'll reproduce it here just out of spite...

(Copyright 2003 by the artist and The Atlantic Monthly, of course.)

Jennifer over at Scandal of Particularity did some blogging on this article a few weeks ago (here and here) that whetted my appetite, and I'm sure it was no coincidence that her words fell close on the heels of my recent viewing of the excellent film Contact.

I'd love to do some extended research on this topic...anyone care to recommend any other resources?


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