September 04, 2003

God's will for my life? (Pt. 2)

The "new" teaching on God's will (in quotes because I've now learned that it's not all that new) that is influencing me came from Pastor James MacDonald of Harvest Bible Chapel and Walk in the Word Ministries. It came via a dear friend from Lisbon who was so impressed she bought and forwarded to me all four of MacDonald's sermons from a series entitled, "Reading the Signs," a topical study on God's will. She wrote in an email that the messages "blew my mind," and "changed my life," but she didn't say anything about the I was totally without theological preconceptions (well, except for the ones I usually carry around) when I called up iTunes and listened to the first one...

MacDonald began the message in his disarming vernacular with the statement, "Much of our understanding of God's will is wrong." To prove it, he gave a little quiz to his congregation. Why don't you take it yourself and comment below with your responses? I'll post the answers later today, along with a synopsis of the first message.
1. God has a specific plan for your life which you are to discern and follow.

2. God's will can be divided into two categories: God's perfect will and God's permissive will.

3. Little hunches or promptings I feel are God's way of revealing His will to me.

4. A key factor in making Godly decisions is whether I have peace about it.

5. It is wrong to use a "fleece" (a la Judges 6:36-40; you can look the passage up using the tool at the bottom of this page if you like) in determining God's will.

6. When faced with two good alternatives, I must be careful not to make the wrong choice.

7. Some people are called to be in vocational ministry; most people are not.

Okay, give me a "T" or an "F" for each question, and check back later to see MacDonald's answers.


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