September 03, 2003

God's will for my life?

As I mentioned in a reply to Jared's comment below, my family and I are beginning to consider relocating to the U.S. sometime next year. (Mom, Jess, don't get too excited just yet...keep reading...) The problem is God's will.

For most of my Christian life, I've believed some very traditional, conventional things about God's will. I've believed that God has a sovereign will, His "secret plan" by which He is "bring[ing] all things in heaven and on earth together under one head, even Christ" (Ephesians 1:10). Though I wouldn't have used this terminology until recently, I also believed in God's moral will, particularly as it's expressed in the "lifestyle commands" of Scripture: "Don't murder, don't lie, don't commit adultery, go to church, give an offering, serve" and the rest.

But in addition to these, I've also believed that God has an individual will for my life, a "roadmap" if you will that He desires for my life to follow. I've lived for the last ten years seeking to understand God's will for my life and live accordingly. That's what led me into full-time ministry, and that's what brought my family and I to the field where we're now serving. I've made countless decisions, some momentous, others minute, based on what I believed God's will for my life to be.

And now I've come under the influence of a teaching that sets the entire concept of God's individual will, "God's-will-for-my-life," on its ear.

A timely word, or false teaching? I'm still working on it...


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