September 23, 2003

Study to show thyself a workman approved

I'm entering into a new educational experience in the very near future -- I'm participating in a seminar at The Disseminary. Of course, "at" is a relative term, since the Disseminary doesn't exist at a particular location in any physical sense, but is rather a "cyber-campus," if you will. (Sorry, AKMA and Trevor, I'm sure it's painful to see other people try to define your dream, particularly when their efforts are as poor as mine!) If you have an interest in the future of theological education, please check out "About the Disseminary." It's incredibly exciting stuff!

I've participated in Internet-based educational experiences before (some better than others), but what AKMA and Trevor are trying to do with the Disseminary is, if I may say so, truly revolutionary:
The Disseminary stands for an approach to education and educational materials apart from the constraints of institutional education: credits, fees, restrictive copyright limitations, grades, and other limitations. The project envisions a variety of educational resources offered at no charge, for no formal credit.
The seminar I'll be participating in, "The Ethics of Interpreting the Bible," can be found here. I really love hermeneutics, and I've learned a thing or two over these first few years in the pastorate about how much power the preacher/teacher wields (as well as about my own weaknesses where power is concerned), so I'm incredibly eager to dive in. I hope to be able to blog a bit about my experiences with this kind of educational environment as well.


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