October 21, 2003

Fascinating synthesis, courtesy my blog-friends

First, Coop at jordancooper.com directed me to this thought-worthy application of set theory to the Church at small ritual, with the following image...

The idea is that the church is made up of those who are moving toward the Center, that is, Christ.

And then Jennifer at Scandal of Particularity described her experience at a prayer labryrinth she visited recently, with the following image:

In her comments, she said, "As I wound my way around, I did feel that it was a metaphor for our journey with God.  We are never lost, though we may feel like it and though our lives take many twists and turns.  But we are always on the path to God.  We stumble and fall, we sin, but God is always in the center, drawing us to him."

The person in the labyrinth may not always be "pointed towards" the center, but is always "moving towards" the center, as long as he continues moving forward along the Path. As a pastor I find this picture comforting; I can trust that God is constantly drawing the people of our congregation toward Him, regardless of where they seem to be "facing." As an individual believer, this understanding is the essence of my hope. Thank You, God, for Your gravitational pull on my soul...


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