October 15, 2003

I love good theology jokes...

...almost as much as good physics jokes (wait for it...)

Jennifer over at Scandal of Particularity reports on attending a lecture given by Cardinal George of Chicago and Dr. Stanley Hauerwas on Monday night in which the good doctor opened his remarks by saying, "Jewish theologians begin lectures by saying, 'The rabbis through the ages say...'  Catholic theologians say, 'The church fathers say....'  Protestants say, 'It seems to me...'"

Curious, Karl...how do Orthodox theologians begin lectures? =)

(Okay, okay...here's the physics joke. Two hydrogen atoms are walking down the street, when one says to the other, "I think I just lost an electron." His companion says, "Are you sure?" and the first says, "Yeah, I'm positive!")

Feel free to share that one with your friends.


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