October 10, 2003

One step ahead of immigration

The NeoTheologue is taking the show on the road, so to speak; due to restrictions on our visas, my family and I are leaving NTL Headquarters for a week or so and heading to the U.K. We'll be about an hour north of London in Mildenhall staying with some old friends. If any of you would like to talk em-church-y stuff, or just get together for a pint, drop me an email and maybe we can get together. As of now we have no plans for the week other than spending time in some great fellowship and one day of sightseeing (on Monday, which is Columbus day and a holiday for us Americans)...

...and blogging, of course. I'm hoping to get the next few chapters of Decision Making and the Will of God up, plus my thoughts on that Atlantic article on "E.T. and God." And maybe some more thoughts on prayer, if anything comes of my posting on the Cubs this morning.

Prayers for safe travel would be most appreciated! And thanks! =)


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