November 01, 2003

Another Jesus conspiracy show...and some shameless Google-baiting

Interesting that I always seem to hear of these things first from the BBC, even though I'm a daily reader of two major U.S. news websites: BBC NEWS | Entertainment | US TV set for 'Jesus wife' storm

Of course, there's nothing new under the sun here. People were speculating about Jesus and Mary Magdalene long before Dan Brown penned The Da Vinci Code. Jesus, apparently, provides fodder for enough conspiracy theories to make Ted Kennedy blush.

However, my real reason for blogging the above story is to give a sneak-preview of Matrix Revolutions Week here at NeoTheologue! In honor of the U.S. release of the film, I'll be blogging at the touchpoints of the Matrix ethos and the Christian faith all week, starting Monday.

What does the upcoming ABC special and The Da Vinci Code have to do with The Matrix? I'll give all you puzzlers a few days to ponder it. If you think you know the answer, comment to this post and click on "Mark this feedback as private (visible only to the blogger)" so as not to ruin the fun for others.

(Have I mentioned that the majority of my hits lately are coming from search sites where "matrix" is used as a keyword? So, if you're one of my more classically theologically-oriented readers, forgive me. This is an exercise in giving the audience what it wants, and I'm sure Trillian would approve. I think there'll be enough juicy theology mixed in with all the Matrix stuff to keep even the most curmudgeonly of you satisfied!)


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