November 18, 2003

Grid blogging

Found while perusing Emergent Kiwi: Grid blogging (an invitation) by Ashley Benigno. The concept is as enticing as it is simple:
Grid blogging aims to investigate the potentials of a distributed media production model spread across blogosphere nodes. It seeks to ignite attention on specific topics at set times through variegated voices. A kind of decentralised flash mobbing for the mind, if you like.

Decentralisation is key here. Unlike single collaborative blogging structures that unite discussions under the same URL, grid blogging is about synchronized guerrilla publishing attacks carried out across a series of online locations. It respects and heightens the individual voice within a media-wise choir. It allows for idea-jamming and mosaics of diverse perspectives to emerge unfettered.
Ashley suggests December 1 as the first gridblog on the topic of the "brand." "Interpret as you like, from the comfort of your own blog," she writes.

I'm terribly eager to see what this produces. I might even add my own two bytes to the conversation.


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