November 12, 2003

NeoTheologue lives to regret Google-baiting

Not because of the extra hits I'm getting, of course...but because my stats keeper only shows stats on so many hits, and now I can't tell who's linking to me (for example, I'm getting hit from the Xanga domain somewhere, but I can't tell where). It turns out that the latter is more edifying to my ego than the former.

Anyway, one positive thing has come from my Google-baiting flirtation. Viewing the keywords that are leading people to NeoTheo(b)logue has become my most entertaining moment of the day. For example, whoever was looking for "matrix revloutions impurity" should probably be ashamed. What if your mother found out? Also on that subject, "persephone" is steering a lot of traffic my way, presumably from people who have an interest in classic Greek mythology. The name "monica bellucci" ranks high on my keyword list too. Could it be that everything I've always assumed about the Internet is basically true?

Lots of people find me by googling "matrix revolutions explanation," which is ironic considering I haven't seen the film yet. (This also tells me that the film went clean over the heads of much of its viewing audience. No big surprise there.)

Finally, if you're the person who found me by googling "matrix revolutions AND open theism," email me. I'm dying to know why you connected the two.

(Good grief...I've just realized how many hits I'm going to get from having the words "monica bellucci" and "flirtation" in the same post...)


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