December 12, 2003

Fuller to evangelize Muslims after all

Those of you who have been following recent events at Fuller Theological Seminary (which I blogged here) will be interested to know that the seminary has issued a clarification in response to Christianity Today's Weblog. You can read Weblog's take here (page down through the stuff about former Illinois Senator Paul Simon's passing). Quote of note from the Fuller statement:
The LA Times article obscured an important point. For this particular project of seeking to reduce conflict between Muslims and evangelicals, we have agreed that neither group will use this particular project for the purposes of proselytizing. We continue to teach courses in Muslim evangelism. Indeed we just appointed a new faculty member who will combine her work at Fuller with her continuing leadership in a French ministry that aims at leading Muslim women to Christ.
(Italics theirs, bold text mine.) This statement is something of a relief to me, but only in a partial sense. At first the appearance was that Fuller was following the crowd and pandering to the cultural mainstream which seems to be turning an ever more myopic eye to the violence inherant in most forms of Islam. Now it just looks like they're in it for the million dollar Federal grant they received.


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