December 02, 2003

The NeoTheologue Shorter Chatechism

If I were going to truly adopt the Spiritual Guide role for our church, how would I guide them? If I'm going to be a catechist, what forms the core of the catechism?

Three thoughts: First, the Road is as individual as the Traveller. Second, all Roads occasionally pass through the same Territory. Third, all Roads eventually lead to the same Destination.

The catechism is the Map, the Big Picture that covers all the Territory. The Guide counsels the Traveller on routes or detours that might get him closer to the Destination. If the Traveller is lost, the Guide helps him find which Road he's following on the Map and gets him pointed in the right Direction. The Guide helps all Travellers develop their sensitivity to their Internal Compass so that they might guide themselves and, eventually, others.

The Guide's purpose is not to carry the Travellers to the Destination--that they must do for themselves--but is rather to keep them in a frame of mind through which they have an accurate view of the Map and a clear understanding of how the Territory they're currently passing through relates to the Destination they desire to reach.

So what Territories make up the Map? What spiritual geography forms the context of our spiritual journey?


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