December 04, 2003

Postmodern catechumenate, from Lucas' perspective

Lucas over at :: my four walls :: has some thoughts on the role of catechism and catechists among postmodern seekers. Check it out here: "the quest of faith."

In response, Lucas, I'd say two things. First, I like the "quest metaphor," but as with the "destination" metaphor, it has to be emphasized that "we never get there." I think quest lends itself to this truth more readily than destination, but destination allows me to repeat the mantra, "It's about the journey, not the destination." In other words, it's about walking with God, not getting my theological ducks in a row.

Second, I think the idea of knighthood may in fact be a little male-centric. What about pilgrims on pilgrimage? The metaphor is extremely rich, although you'd probably have to do some educating to get pictures of people dressed in brown and white with buckles on their hats chasing turkeys around with muskets out of people's heads.

Third (did I say "two things?" I meant three), sorry about my comments provider only allowing 400 characters. But I'm glad it forced Lucas to post his thoughts on his own blog. More people get blessed by them there than if they're stuck in my comments. =)


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