December 29, 2003

Ten predictions for the church of 2010

Here's a very interesting article by Dr. Thom Rainer of The Rainer Report: Top 10 predictions for the church by 2010. This is the Remnant Church perspective on the Church-That-Is-Becoming:
1. An increasing interest in spiritual warfare.

2. The closing of 50,000 churches by 2010.

3. A surge in the number of churches whose attendance is below 300.

4. The incredible influence of the Bridger generation.

5. The increasing demand for clarity and conviction in doctrine.

6. Stabilized church attendance with declining church membership.

7. The emergence of "homegrown" ministers in 30 percent of all full-time ministry positions in the local church.

8. An increase in intentional evangelistic ministries focused on children and youth.

9. An increasing number of churches with succession plans for their senior pastor or minister.

10. The emergence of a children’s minister as the third full-time staff minister.
It's interesting, though not surprising considering the source, not to find any thoughts here on changes in the form of church over the next several years. Changes in form and structure are the kinds of changes I think are coming, and they're the kinds of changes that will blow guys like Dr. Rainer completely off the map.


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