December 08, 2003

Things that make you go, "Huh?"

The LA Times is carrying a story on a federally-funded program at Fuller Theological Seminary to create an Interfaith Code of Ethics. (Registration is required, but feel free to use username "neotheologue" and password "neotheologue"). The AP ran an abbrevieated version of the story this weekend, and Christianity Today's Weblog picked it up here. The opening paragraph of the Times article is the journalistic equivalent of a nuclear detenator:
One of the nation's leading evangelical Christian seminaries has launched a federally funded project for making peace with Muslims, featuring a proposed code of ethics that rejects offensive statements about each other's faiths, affirms a mutual belief in one God and pledges not to proselytize.
With Fuller ranking very high on my short-list of seminaries I'd like to attend to complete my degree, I'll be watching this one very closely.


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