December 05, 2003

The value of seeking and finding

Karl Thienes has some real wisdom over at St. Stephen's Musings following on the recent dialogue on the postmodern catechumenate.
"Seek and ye shall find" tells us plainly that both are to be prized. Literally this verse translates from the Greek into "Keep seeking...." It is an active verb. Thus it is in the finding that we have something (or rather Someone) to seek; and it is in the seeking that we will find Him.

A convert to Orthodoxy once told me that, as a Protestant, she felt like she was "running around a racetrack..."
...and I had to stop reading there for fear Karl would convert me to Orthodoxy. (Don't you dare move my link into your "Orthodox Inquirers," Karl! =)

Thanks, Karl, for adding some balance to my thinking on the topic. I've added St. Stephen's Musings to my Blogroll, after much too long a delay. Forgive me, Karl...and I'm glad the tree missed ya'.


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