January 08, 2004

Apple and Microsoft: A model for ecumenism?

coverIf only all denominations/expressions of Christianity got along as well as these two arch-rivals. (See Wired News: Apple's Unlikely Guardian Angel.) Of course, we all know that the relationship between Apple and Microsoft is a marriage of convenience, but what's wrong with that? Linkages between Christian denominations/organizations can be nothing but needs-driven. You don't see Bill Gates and Steve Jobs apologizing for the symbiosis their companies share, and neither should you see Christians apologizing for Biblically-bounded, needs-based ecuminism.

Our rhetoric will probably always imply that we believe we could easily get along without other denominations...but we'd all be better off if, deep down inside, we realized that we need one another, even if it's for reasons that on the surface don't seem "Christian." ("Microsoft props up Apple with Office, and Apple keeps the Justice Department off Microsoft's back by offering some competition in the operating system market.")

(The graphic is the product of a little fun I had with the free trial version of Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 that came in an old issue of MacWorld and is dedicated to my friend Karl Thienes.)


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