January 19, 2004

I know why the prophet weeps

My foray into the realm of political preaching (preaching on a specific political issue, in this case, support for President Bush's recently announced space exploration initiative) met with, shall we say, mixed reviews at our church yesterday. The few positive responses I received were very positive, but the negativity of the negative responses outweighed them in my heart. Though there was some light-hearted ridicule ("He's gone off the deep end!") that nonetheless hurt, it was the people who called me to say that my message was so unbiblical that it left them in tears of anger or hurt that really got to me.

So I'm vascillating between satisfaction--people are wrestling with God's Word and that's a good thing--and dispair. Some expressed that yesterday's message only strengthened concerns they already had over the direction I'm leading the church, particularly the new "Film and Spirituality" series I'm starting using The Fellowship of the Ring.

Fear, hurt, sadness, anger...I wonder how Jeremiah dealt with these emotions?


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