January 19, 2004

Notes from a Truth Seeker

I've had Rachelle's blog, Notes from a Truth Seeker, in my NetNewsWire "incubator" for some time now, and I've really been enjoying it. But her post from yesterday blew me away:
I have spent most of my religious life worried about my personal holiness. (Or feeling guilty that I wasn’t worried enough about it.) I have chased the Holy Spirit high. I have worried that I haven’t seen the supernatural happen on a regular basis. ... And I have mistakenly thought all of this was about making my soul better. Making my heart holy. What is the point of being so holy? Perfecting my backhand for a game I’m not even playing. So what if I sin a little less today then I did yesterday? If it means I do so by staying cloistered and cut off from the world, from the people and the earth that make up the kingdom, then what is the good news in that?
(Emphasis mine.) I can't recommend the writings of this Urban Abbess highly enough. Rachelle, thanks for being so real, and inspiring the rest of us to try too.


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