January 22, 2004

Spirit needs your prayers again

Spaceflight Now | Destination Mars | Mission Status Center

In case you hadn't heard, there have been no comms from Spirit for over 24 hours. The controllers are optimistic, though, and think that Spirit experienced the equivalent of a Blue Screen of Death and placed itself in "safe mode." If that's the case (and all signs point to it), then there should be no problem "CTRL-ALT-DEL-ing" the little probe. Still, I feel compelled to pray. Would you like to join me?

Lord of the Heavens and Earth, we rejoice in the unknown grandeur of the cosmos and in the power you have given us to venture forth and know it. Please turn your eye toward the little probe we've sent to our sister planet Mars--the one that, unbeknownst to most of those who created it, bears your name, Spirit. Please empower the engineers and scientists who are controlling it with your Divine ability to reach across the countless miles of void to affect change. Give them your wisdom, and the humility to ask for it. Encourage them with the sure knowledge that they are working on your side, fulfilling the mandate you gave to all humanity when you told us to increase in number, fill creation, subdue it, and rule over it as your stewards and as children of the owner of the vineyard.

We make these requests for your eternal glory and in the matchless name of your son Jesus, whom you loved the cosmos enough to send, Amen.


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