February 25, 2004

A gay's perspective on why marriage is bad for gay culture

Why? Because it runs counter to a "vibrant legacy" of "radical sexual abandon" where "promiscuity and sexual experimentation were not merely tolerated, they were seen as political acts, crucial markers of gay male identity." And besides, "with the Census Bureau reporting that divorce rates are climbing and new marriages decreasing, it seems that gays are fighting to get into a burning house."

If you want to see the homosexual marriage issue framed in a different perspective, read the article at the HoustonChronicle.com - Is gay sexuality going back in the closet?

I'll agree with the author on one point: those who claim the name of Christ have done and are doing more damage to the biblical view of marriage (as evidenced by a divorce rate within the church that is slightly higher than the national average) than the homosexual agenda is.


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