February 26, 2004

Syndication Frustration

Ever since Blogger introduced the new Atom syndication standard I've been trying to use my Atom feed to read my updates via NetNewsWire, my favorite feed reader. (I've had a valid RSS feed via BlogMatrix for some time, but I'd prefer to use a generator that's organic to Blogger for the added control and more complete integration of it.) Unfortunately, I've never gotten the Atom feed to work with NetNewsWire. Incredibly frustrating. (Edit: I downloaded a beta version of NetNewsWire and now it seems to work fine...much better, in fact, than my Rube Goldberg-esque RSS reader from BlogMatrix. I highly recommend it if you're a Blogger user!)

However, Feed Validator shows the Atom feed as valid, so I'm adding two buttons to reflect that:

If anyone can confirm that the Atom feed is working on your reader, I'd be very thankful!

In other syndication news, Forbes magazine has a very interesting article: The Coming RSS Revolution. Here's a quote of note--and the reason why you need a syndication feed if you're a blogger:
If you're a heavy Web reader who makes daily stops at 25 different Web sites, you can spend the first half of your day just typing in the Web addresses into a browser, loading the page, and seeing if there's anything interesting to read. With NetNewsWire, we used a single Window to keep track of 60 different Web sites at a glance.
Centralize content = save time! Sounds good to me.


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