March 25, 2004

One Nation, Enriched by Biblical Wisdom

I'm sorry I've not been around much lately. The Easter season is such a busy one for me, and my three-credit-hour romp through the world of Hebrew grammar is soaking up almost all of the "free" time I own.

Take a look at this great op-ed in the New York Times (free registration required, feel free to use username "neotheologue" and password "neotheologue"): One Nation, Enriched by Biblical Wisdom. It's a commentary on the role of religion in America. Here's a few quotes of note to whet your appetite:
If you believe that the separation of church and state means that people should not bring their religious values into politics, then ... you have to say goodbye to the civil rights movement. It would not have succeeded as a secular force.

[Civil rights leader and Baptist minister Dr. Martin Luther] King had a more accurate view of political realities than his more secular liberal allies because he could draw on biblical wisdom about human nature. Religion didn't just make civil rights leaders stronger — it made them smarter.

The lesson I draw from all this is that prayer should not be permitted in public schools, but maybe theology should be mandatory.


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