April 16, 2004

Care to chat?

I've had iChat, Yahoo Messenger, and MSN Messenger (you'll have to Google them yourself) in my Dock for about nine months now, trying to run two or three at a time to keep track of my IM-ing friends. That's totally unacceptable for a minimalist like me...so I did a little research into multiple protocol IM clients and finally settled on Adium X (also available here at MacUpdate). I'm pretty happy with it so far. I had to change the Dock icon and the event sounds though; too much duckiness for my taste. If you're a Wintel user, you'll have to find something else...and you have my deepest sympathy. =)

Sooo...feel free to say hello sometime!

AIM ::... NeoTheologue

Yahoo ::... NeoTheologue

MSN Messenger ::... (Email me if you want it; I don't want to post the email address for fear of the damnable spammers!)


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