April 01, 2004

Gentle, unnoticed, and oft in vain

From this morning's Christian Quotation of the Day:

Like summer seas that lave with silent tides a lonely shore,
like whispering winds that stir the tops of forest trees,
like a still, small voice that calls us in the watches of the
like a child's hand that feels about a fast-closed door;
gentle, unnoticed, and oft in vain:
so is Thy coming unto us, O God.

Like ships storm-driven into port,
like starving souls that seek the bread they once despised,
like wanderers begging refuge from the whelming night,
like prodigals that seek the father's home when all is spent;
yet welcomed at the open door, arms outstretched and
kisses for our shame;
so is our coming unto Thee, 0 God.

Like flowers uplifted to the sun,
like trees that bend before the storm,
like sleeping seas that mirror cloudless skies,
like a harp to the hand, like an echo to a cry, like a song
to the heart;
for all our stubbornness, our failure, and our sin:
so would we have been to Thee, O God.
... William Edwin Orchard (1877-1955)


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