April 13, 2004

Some long-overdue linkbacks

I thought I'd try to send a shout out to all those who have linked to me recently:

Unedited Ravings (Great photos, Nathan!)

Post-Protestant Thoughts (Just finished a cool series on the Twelve Stations of the Cross.)

Shifting Sand (The honesty is compelling...thanks...)

AnotherThink (Thanks for introducing me to the concept of creeping fundamentalism.)

Revelations and Dreams Unseen (She blogs bilingually, which I love, and is way deeper than me theologically speaking.)

Stewed Tea (I love the look of this blog. The colors, layout, and art are just about perfect.)

A Journey into Office (I can so relate to Tony's adventure holding an office in a professional society. Thanks!)

e~mergent T.U.R.D. (I just found this one today...some very interesting stuff.)

I'm also on the blogs page over at emergingchurch.info : a touching place for the emerging church. I like emergingchurch.info so much that I'll be adding them to the "absorbing" section on the left as soon as I get around to editing the template.

Thanks for the links, everyone! Keep up the great work! =)


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