May 24, 2004

Who controls Communion? 1.1

My old blog-friend Darren of Nicene Theology (who I see has already switched to Blogger's new blog templates--looks nice, Darren!) tries to pin me down in a comment to my "Who Controls Communion" post:
So would your answer be that each individual himself (or herself) controls communion?
No, not exactly, Darren. I'd say that God controls Communion (good "Sunday School" answer, huh?). God has established Communion in such a way that, to those who would receive it "in an unworthy manner" (1 Corinthians 11:27), it becomes void of meaning. In other words, they may receive the bread and wine, but they don't really "receive Communion."* Add to that the fact that God has a history of disciplining those who eat and drink "without recognizing the body of the Lord" (29), and it seems pretty clear to me that the reigns are in God's hands.

*I recognize I'm stepping out on a Biblical limb here; there's not really any textual rationale for making a distinction between the act of eating and drinking and "receiving Communion." Of course, most of our modern concept of receiving Communion is based on tradition as opposed to Scripture, and could probably use a little deconstructing.


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