May 22, 2004

Wish I was there =(

I'm following a couple of my favorite bloggers as they experience the Emergent 04 gathering in Nashville: Cleave of PoMoMuSiNgS and DJ Chuang via his metablog. Thanks, guys, for taking the time to blog the convention so closely. Maybe I'll get to see you there next year.

So far, my favorite meme to emerge from EC04 is this one I read from a observation Cleve made after Doug Pagitt's Critical Concerns Course:
People ask what the emerging church is about??? It’s all about Macs. Both Tim Keel and Doug Pagitt had their PowerBook G4s hooked up, and there was a wonderful group of iBook and PowerBook users in our session: ahhh, the beauty of it......
Heh heh...Beauty indeed.


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