May 12, 2004

Younger pastors ask: Is preaching out of touch?

Here's a worthwhile read, whether you preach sermons or listen to them: a very interesting and well-balanced article at on emergent preaching. Quote of note:
While many pastors devote considerable energy to crafting good content, what the congregation wants most, [pastor of Jacob's Well in Kansas City, Missouri Tim] Keel says, "is you. They want God in you. And when you allow yourself to be vulnerable and imperfect, then all of a sudden there's connection, because that's who people feel like. They're full of shame. They're full of doubt. They're full of abuse and brokenness. And so to get up and be 'he of the white teeth' and the polished ideas is alienating."

"My only qualification for ministry is my incompetence," he says. "'When I am weak, he is strong.'"


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