June 18, 2004

Off to Oxford

I'm packing up tonight for the trip to Oxford for this year's Oxford Summer Programme in Christianity and Culture at Wycliffe Hall. I'll be out of contact (Internet-ly speaking) until Monday when they set up our accounts and I can plug in my iBook, but I'm hoping to try out my new Wi-Fi card somewhere along the way.

I'm hoping to blog a little something each day once the program begins, assuming I have the time. In three weeks I have to review three books (and I'll be avoiding the "seminary skim" if it's at all possible, Anna Aven!), write two 3500 word "essays," prepare two presentations, and take one cumulative exam. The payoff, should I survive the fortnight, is being five credits closer to that MDiv.

Thrive, everyone! I'll see you on the other side...


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