June 22, 2004

Open mouth, insert fire hose

Hello from Oxford, friends! I had a great trip here and am now soaking up the academic atmosphere, making new friends, and learning from some of the foremost names in Christian theology. I'm having a spectacular time, but after the first day I'm experiencing a bit of information overload. I'm also beginning to feel the weight of the assignments that I have to complete in the next three weeks. If I can keep my focus, I shouldn't have any problem...but there are so many things to distract a person around here!

The theology project I've been assigned for the seminar I have with Dr. Alister McGrath is on the doctrine of the Church, so I'm thinking about rehashing some of my ideas about the institutional-emergent-institutional cycle...but I have to really narrow the question down to make it do-able. Any ideas out there?

Update: I think I'm going to write on church unity, a topic near and dear to my heart. I may focus on our unity with the church of the past...


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