June 15, 2004

What happens when "emerging" is no longer honest?

Andrew is obviously beginning to feel my age. Check out his recent post at tallskinnykiwi.com: when we stop emerging. Quote of note:
The fact is that many of us have already taken shape and we are not actually changing enough to be accurately defined as "emerging". We have done house church, celtic spirituality, moved into monastic structures, done rave worship, tapped into ancient liturgies, utilized internet technologies, and now we are settling down into a new way of being church - a new way that is not necessarily changing or emerging.

So, what happens when it is dishonest to use the word "emerging?"
Maybe, just maybe, we decide to get over what makes us different from the rest of the Church and start focusing on what makes us the same. And maybe we begin to assume responsibility for that Church that our children will one day be part of...that Church that is only now beginning to emerge just beyond our experiential horizon.


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