July 03, 2004


Well, loyal readers and friends, so much for blogging from Oxford! I did have good intentions, but two-thirds of the way through my time here I'm afraid it's time to get realistic...I'm just way too busy to even think about it very much! I'm in the midst of writing my two research papers now ("He Who Lives by the Sword: The Local Church Wielding the Sword of Doctrine" and "Hermeneutical Methods Applied to Luke 10:38-42 in The Cloud of Unknowing" in case you're interested) and I'm beginning to measure the time I have left to complete them in terms of hours rather than days. Can you hear the panic in my typing?

Thanks for sticking with me through these last two weeks, friends. I'll be back to blogging in earnest when I return home on July 10. Thrive!


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