July 21, 2004

"Denominations are our downfall"

Here's an excellent article, taken from the Waco (Texas) Tribune, on the future of the denominational paradigm: 7/18/04 In making faith matter, denominations are our downfall. It's written by Jimmy Dorrell, director of Mission Waco, an interdenominational urban outreach ministry. Here's a quote of note that brought tears to my eyes:
Denominations are in trouble today. Declining church memberships and denominational indifference are the marks of a growing postmodern culture that could care less about the differences that have historically divided Christians. The growing youth culture is only interested in validity, not brand labels. While growing denominational fights about theology and moral values increase in the daily news, where are the stories of Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, conservative and liberal holding hands in prayer and dialogue together? What will it take to be ecumenical without giving up sacred doctrinal convictions? In our effort to create and protect right dogma, we have forgotten that God will sort out the wheat from the weeds, not us.
Amen, brother. God is speaking to my heart powerfully right now with many of the same words. (In fact, my theology paper from Oxford and my sermon last Sunday on Matthew 5:9 both revolve around this theme.)


At 8:42 AM, Blogger Karl Thienes said...

Ah, the hubris that has decided for us that what has divided Christians doesn't really matter anymore.

Let's give people what they want--not historic, patristic, and apostolic Christainity, but a bland "ecumenical" faith that is centered on modern ideas of "unity" than the truth.

Yes, denominations are wrong. But the answer being posed is simply the logical and terrible conclusion of the same error that brought them into being inthe first place.

Sigh. Ok. *end of rant*

At 8:42 AM, Blogger Karl Thienes said...

By the way, I like this template much better than the old one! FWIW!

At 4:41 PM, Blogger bobbie said...

i too am tired of the great divide. i pray the walls fall down and the next generation makes it happen.

btw - site looks great!

At 11:23 PM, Blogger rod said...

I've often thought I'd like to see my church's name changed to remove the "baptist" from its title, in all honesty, I've found a lot to be embarrassed by or even ashamed of in recent years. (not of my own church, but denominationally). Truth is though, that I'm still "baptistic" though I'm sometimes put out by our priorities.
Some of my dearest friends are on staff of a relatively new church plant here in town. Their name is ______ Community Church. Tonight, my wife and a friend (she goes to this church) were sitting at the kitchen table over coffee and she said something about Sunday's sermon being quite "presbyterian". I said, of course, all the staff ARE Presbyterians.
Anyway, what I'm getting to is, though denominations remain, they seem to be getting less divisive. Rather, "categories" in which we seem to settle as beliefs are being formed. At our own seminary, there seems to be more unity despite the non-essentials, with only a few camps still setting themselves apart and celebrating differences instead.
Of course there is a whole other blog on "relativism" in the modern church and defining "essential/non-essentials".
sheez, I'm rambling.

At 1:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel!
My comment was a bit long so I put it on my own blog.


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