October 31, 2004

Welcome Classical Anglican Net News Readers!

If you've arrived at NeoTheo(b)log via one of our two posts cited today at Classical Anglican Net News' Lambeth Commission site, welcome! Here's some quick links to posts you might find interesting:

Windsor Report: (A most important) foreword, in which I wonder if all the reaction against the touchy-feely tone of the Report is justified and decide is probably isn't.

Windsor Report: Blogospheric reaction, in which I scan the blog world in a more or less random fashion and discover that it looks a lot like the real world--nobody can agree on much of anything.

Gimme that "Old Time (Pagan) Religion", in which I wish I'd coined the term "Episco-pagan" and quote a Roman Catholic liturgy, which would probably leave my Baptist grandmother a little disappointed.

Oh, and if you're interested in the topic of building unity in the broader church, or if you like U2 at all, check out my series of posts that brings the two together: One: An Extended Look at Christian Unity and Disunity.

Once again, welcome! Glad you dropped by!


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