October 21, 2004

Windsor Report: Blogospheric Reaction

Just a few links to other bloggers* reacting to the Lambeth Commission on Communion's Windsor Report, with emphasis on those promising a more in-depth response after absorbing the whole report:

World of Your Making: To Walk Together (several articles)
"[Hans Frei's] idea of a generous orthodoxy, of looking for a larger perspective and seeking common ground, has certainly been helpful to me as I wrestle with the Windsor Report and all the commentary surrounding it."

Waiting in Joyful Hope: The Windsor Report
"The report . . . is highly theological and technical, but it is not bland: it will provoke a lot of reaction, and actually takes a stand on some issues, which is good (and seems to not often be characteristic of the Anglican approach to things)."

Prydain (several articles)
"My reaction to what I have read is one of disappointment. Rather than exercising one of the marks of a true church according to the 'Homilies'--discipline--the Commission has simply laid the groundwork for more discussion."

For All The Saints (several articles)
"While (or ‘whilst’, in keeping with the Windsor Report) the spin from the right is largely measured disappointment . . . the spin from the left seems to be pretty much all concerned happiness and light."

blog.boydston.us: Lambeth Commission
"From everything I've seen so far the glass looks more like it is half-empty than half-full (or maybe even almost completely empty!)."

No Claim to Sainthood: Let the Games Begin
"So much for reconciliation. We'll just have to see what develops."

Newbie Anglican: Disappointed and Disturbed (several articles)
"I really have a hard time seeing how such a lack of clear discipline can work with either children or wayward bishops."

Thinking Anglicans: A History of Debate (several articles)
"In all of this, the one redeeming feature may be that it accepts that there are differences of opinion which are genuinely held by Christian people."

Father Jake Stops the World: The Windsor Report
"We bring the love of Christ to the world by affirming a litmus test as to who is 'worthy' enough to be a full member in our elite little club?"

Captain Yip's Secret Journal: Skimming Windsor (several articles)
"I like [the Report] better and better as time goes by. This is a careful, learned, and gracious work of pastoral theology."

And if after reading through all that you need a dose of something a little lighter, check out cartoonist Dave Walker's explanation of the Windsor Report.
"These 53 bishops have been naughty. They must stand in the corner and not have their tea until they can explain to us why they have been so naughty."

*Found among the most interesting looking of the first 50 or so results of Googling “windsor report reaction blog” (and a few interesting looking secondary links from those results). In other words, this list manages the stunning feat of being both random and subjective at the same time.


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This doesn't have to do with your post, but I thought I'd let you know that I prayed for you while driving through Waco :) Are you going to post an update soon?


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