January 12, 2005

104 years of consistency

My wife's grandmother, Mary Wambach, passed away early this morning in the assisted living facility where she's lived for the last few years. She was 104 years old. I invite you to rejoice with me at the passing into eternity of this wonderful saint!

Mary raised seven children all by herself as a school teacher in Montana in the 1920's and 30's. She taught them all to love the Lord, and each of them married another lover of Jesus. As I recall, all of their children have also committed their lives to Christ. My wonderful wife, the youngest of Mary's grandchildren, is just one of dozens of recipients of this generational grace. Though I never knew her as well as I wanted to, I am so blessed by the quiet consistency of Mary's faith. I look forward to many wonderful hours spent with her in heaven.

I'm also blessed to know that Mary got to meet her youngest great-grandchild, my 4-month-old son Harry, just two days before she left this world for the next. God's timing is perfect and wonderful! Thank you, Father!

Father, I celebrate your blessing on Grandma Mary and her entry into the place you've prepared for her. But her passing comes at a time when I'm so frustrated with my own lack of spiritual consistency. May her example inspire me to be who I truly am in my spirit, who you've made me to be, as it has inspired so many others for so long.

May her reward be rich indeed and may her heart rejoice as never before when she hears you say, "Well done, Mary, my good and faithful servant."


At 9:30 PM, Blogger Drina said...

God bless her and your family. How awesome it must be to live a new life in God's glory.


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