January 24, 2005

Baylor's Sloan to step down 1.1

The Waco Tribune has an in-depth piece up now on Baylor President Sloan's resignation, including an interview with Dr. Sloan: Baylor president says strife stemmed from boldness of 2012 vision. In it, Sloan speaks frankly about his tenure, his educational philosophy, and his hopes for the future. Quotes of note:
I think the difference ... in my time as president has been a desire to be very intentional about it [Baylor's commitment to Christianity]. Baylor didn't have to be intentional about it for most of our history. It was just taken for granted. Faith and learning were always integrated.

... If Baylor should ever turn back from a research agenda, we're not a real university.

... No question, all of us need to be willing to forgive. The Scriptures say if you can't forgive, you won't be forgiven. That's a pretty blunt and maybe even frightening statement. All of us must forgive. And that's easier said than done.

... Some of the divisiveness will evaporate. There's still going to be some there. But you know, in the same way that the human body wants to heal itself, there is a healing mechanism. I think again there's a pull towards wholeness that's part of the spiritual reality that God has made. I think my stepping aside gives an opportunity for there to be some healing.
I think you can say one thing for Dr. Sloan: He is sincerly concerned for the University and the University community. In today's academy, where so many administrators and professors are more concerned with their own careers (or worse, their paychecks) than with the community they "serve," leaders like Dr. Sloan will always be needed--and, unfortunately, will always face opposition.


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