January 25, 2005

Holy See encourages ecumenical dialogue 1.1

Catherine "the Moody" has some thoughts on the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity at her blog Conversio. Her (accurate) understanding of modern Catholic thought on ecuminism might be helpful to our readers who hold the (typically Protestant) assumption that by "unity" Catholics mean "everybody becomes Catholic." Quote of note:
The 'unity' in question is not a literal unity in that We are all not going to become one church(meaning the Church), but we are to acknowledge that we are already one church. The Church is part of that larger church. Basically, big C Catholicism is part of the little c catholic church, the world-wide Body of Christ.
Are any of our readers familiar enough with Vatican II to be able to comment on its ecumenical content, or am I going to have to find the time to read it myself?


At 11:03 AM, Blogger Anna said...

Well, I have read it, but I don't remember... From what I recall, it's broader than "everybody becomes catholic," but I think perhaps you should read it and enlighten us :-P

At 12:51 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

Nice. =) As if I'm not already way behind on my seminary reading...reading I paid to get forced to do.

Oh well, I've been meaning to read it eventually. No time like the present, I suppose! Maybe I can work it into my Intro. to Christian History paper on Cyprian of Carthage. He is an early key figure in the development of the doctrine of church unity, after all...

(Nice to have the comment, Anna!)


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