January 19, 2005

Procrastination is the thief of...ooo, McSweeny's!

A Partial Listing of Religiously Themed Lists at McSweeny's*,
Many of Which May Be Considered Blasphemous
Or at the Very Least, Tacky

1. Things I Would Often Think about in Church

2. How Many Members of Each of the Following Religions It Takes To Screw in a Lightbulb

3. Potential Names for Christian Rock Bands Taken from Lines in Emily Dickinson's Poems

4. Fluid-Related Terms Indicative of a State of Grace, Mostly from Various Obscure Religions

5. TV Guide Movie Capsules, Heaven Edition

6. This Bible You Sold Me Is Clearly Defective and I'd Like to Return It, Please

7. Five Favorite Heresies of the Roman Catholic Church, Disguised in the Form of Unused Episode Titles for the Hit Situation Comedy Friends , and Their Dates

8. Prince Song or Inspirational Signage Outside Byron United Covenant Church?

*If you have a job, a family, or a life (none of which I have right now), don't even think of clicking on any of these. You have been warned.


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