May 18, 2006

Grenz-ian-ality in the Christian Blogosphere

Take a moment to download and read Ed Cyzewski's short essay, "Christian Blogs: Fulfilling Grenz’s Communal Vision for Theology." I think he's right on the mark:
In seeing everyone as a theologian, Grenz set out to broaden the scope of the participants in theological discussion and make this practice more prominent in the local church. It is this aspect of his teaching that has been embraced and embodied by Christian bloggers.
Ed wrote the essay as a response to a call for papers, I assume to memorialize Dr. Grenz and comemmorate his work. (Perhaps it was for the recent issue of Princeton Theological Review devoted to him?) It's a shame that it wasn't accepted. Any memorial to Dr. Grenz that doesn't speak to the influence of his communitarian theology on Generation Blog runs the risk of missing the point of his work entirely.

Someone needs to write a book on the topic Ed raises.

(I was glad to see two acquaintences' names on the Table of Contents of this issue. Dr. Roger Olson, a faculty member at Truett Seminary where I'm studying, wrote a reflection entitled "Grenz's Contribution to Evangelical Theology." Myles Werntz, a PhD candidate across campus in the Baylor Religion Department, wrote another, "Stan Grenz Among the Baptists." It is somewhat ironic that Myles is a blogger himself. Update: I just noticed that both Myles and Dr. Olson are contributors at the Generous Orthodoxy ThinkTank blog.)

Related: NeoTheo(b)log, "Stan Grenz Hospitalized," March 12, 2005.


At 12:01 PM, Anonymous Ed C said...

Thanks for your kind words. I probably don't belong in the same magazine as John Franke and Roger Olson, but perhaps it's all for the best anyway. Hopefully the article will be more accessible to bloggers, which is just fine with me.

At 5:14 AM, Blogger Daniel said...

My pleasure, Ed. On the contrary, I think that your premise is sound and your essay represents the kind of creative, communitarian approach Dr. Grenz would have appreciated. Thanks for dropping by!


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