June 30, 2006

Benedict XVI on the Role of the Pope

CWN: Angelus message: focus on ecumenism in Petrine ministry
At his Angelus audience on June 29, Pope Benedict XVI (bio - news) cited the words of St. Irenaeus in describing the role of the papacy as "a specific ministry in the service of the doctrinal and pastoral unity of the People of God throughout the world."
And later...
Pope Benedict also made a point of welcoming the delegation of Orthodox prelates who had come to Rome for the feast day, representing Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople, in a sign of "the ties of brotherhood between our churches." Each year the Orthodox Patriarch sends a delegation to the Vatican for the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, while the Vatican sends prelates to Constantinople for the patronal feast of St. Andrew in November. This year Pope Benedict himself will make the trip to join Patriarch Bartholomew in celebrating that feast.
The more I learn about how the Roman Catholic Church is living out its ecumenism, the more encouraged and hopeful I become. Is it not thrilling to live in an age when Jesus' unity prayer is being answered all around us?


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